See What’s Inside The £15,000 Grammy Goodie Bag

While only a select few people went home on Sunday night with the most prestigious prize in music (a.k.a. a Grammy), 150 of the other lucky attendees did not leave completely empty handed.

One hundred and fifty presenters, executives, nominees, and other artists were invited to marketing firm Distinctive Assets’ gift lounge where they were gifted with £15,000 worth of swag. Not bad for one nights work, eh.

The bag was full to the brim with pampering treats including a skin tightening procedure worth nearly £4000, and a facial that involves covering the whole face in gold leaf.

Also amongst the extravagant bag of gifts was a fitness retreat, an interior design  overhaul, and continuing the gold theme, a salted caramel pecan praline laced with real gold.

Here’s the full lowdown of what the Grammy guests were treated to…

1. ‘The Ultimate Fitness Package’ including a week at a fitness resort worth £4335

2. A session of ‘ultherapy’ – a skin tightening procedure worth £3800

3. Organic, gluten-free and vegan cocktails worth £1600

4. Interior decorating serviced worth £700

5. A week at the Golden Door Resort & Spa worth £700

6. A customised gaming-console controller worth £210

7. A box of chocolates worth £140 which included a salted caramel pecan praline laced with a 23-karat gold leaf

8. A ’24 karat gold facical’ treatment in which the face is covered in gold leaf worth £320

While this haul may seem impressive this goodie bag has nothing on the Oscar goodie bag. Last week we revealed what the Oscar winners would be receiving, and the £150,000 worth of gifts puts the Grammy goodie bag to shame.  Next weekend Oscar winners will not only bag the coveted gold statue but a trip to Japan, a ‘vampire boob lift’ and a vibrator.

We know which bag we’d rather receive…