See Kendall And Cara As You’ve NEVER Seen Them Before

Instagram: @thelovemagazine

We’ve been loving the growth of Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner’s friendship. It’s a thing of love. And the guys over at The Love Magazine must agree, as they’ve shared a rather intimate teaser snap from their up-comming issue.

Kendall and Cara have shared trips to Disney Land, fun and frollicking at the BFAs, and a re-enactment of The Sound Of Music courtesy of Chanel.



But now, we see them as we’ve never quite seen them before.

In the steamy fashion shot, sweet-teen Jenner appears to have thrust herself onto Cara in a passionate embrace – we can’t even see the beautiful model’s face, but instead her hair seems to have been windswept in the movement. Such a shame, in our opinion. Cara-D is grabbing back at her new found friend, cradling her from behind and wrapping her other arm firmly around her waist.

Nice to see friends will catch you when you fall.

This is a whole new image for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, who was introduced to the show as one half of Kim Kardashian’s youngest half-siblings. She’s now paving the way for her very own career – and apparently growing up in the process.

Following up with this hero shot, we also got a taster of Friday’s Love Advent offering; a Christmas countdown with a supermodel twist. It looks like Ms Jenner will be the star for the pre-weekend window, looking an absolute knock-out in an all-black suspender and lingerie set, complete with a fluffy Christmas hat.

It seems like Kendall’s shedding the skin of her young image. And maybe, dare we say it, giving her sexy older sis a run for her money?

Is KJ the new sex symbol of the family?

Watch this space.

Written by Laura Jane Turner

Instagram: @caradelevingne