Scalp Botox: Would You Try The New Beauty Trend?

Scalp Botox is the latest beauty trend that’s piquing our interest – and it seems everyone‘s going an opinion on it. 

You know when you come out of the gym after a super sweaty workout, and not even a tonne of dry shampoo will save your sweat-soaked locks? 

Well, now women are turning to scalp Botox to limit their scalp’s oil production. We’ve already heard of underarm, foot and hand Botox, but in your scalp? This is a new one.

The idea is that injecting your hairline will limit sweating, meaning your fresh, bouncy blow-dry is virtually unaffected by your workout/running for the bus/a hot summer’s day. It’s an extreme move, yes, but that’s not stopping women in their droves asking for this new procedure, dubbed ‘Blotox’.

‘It’s so popular’, says Dr Sabika Karim, who carries out the treatment in Revere clinics in Harley Street, London, and Northwood, Middlesex. 

‘Botox has been used to treat sweat problems for years – I’ve even injected it into men’s hands to stop them having sweaty handshakes. But it’s only recently that women have begun asking for it for cosmetic reasons.’ 

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> No more sweaty post-gym hair…


‘We don’t even advertise this treatment, but I get two or three women a week asking for it. One of our clinics is next to a gym and the women are telling each other about it – the next week they’re coming in to see me!’

Costing up to £1,200 (yikes) depending on the amount of coverage you want, results take a week to settle in and can last for up to five months.

However, 84% of women who regularly get Botox admit they don’t know what is being injected – and some doctors will only administer the treatment for excessive sweating or if you are going through the menopause.

But this doesn’t put off ‘Blotox’ devotees, and the trend is growing fast. ‘It’s the best thing I’ve ever done,’ marketing exec Harriet, who recently tried the new beauty procedure, told LOOK.

‘I get the injections along my scalp,’ she continued. ‘I was already getting Botox for my wrinkles when I was complaining to my doctor how I’d had to cut my hair as it was in bad condition from being constantly washed after the gym. She suggested “Blotox” and I haven’t looked back.’

She added: I can’t recommend it enough. It sounds silly but having sweaty hair every morning brought me down. This is the perfect solution and I don’t care what it costs me.’