Bride Unsuccessfully Tries To Sue ‘Say Yes To The Dress’

If you’re a seasoned viewer of Say Yes To The Dress, you’ll know that after the blushing bride has picked her dream gown, sometimes – if you’re lucky – you’ll get a glimpse at the wedding ceremony.

Oh, swoon.

But for one bride-to-be, it was all very different. In fact, after learning that her episode was set to be aired BEFORE her big day, this particular bride tried to sue the show, wanting to keep her dress under wraps until AFTER her big day. 

According to the New York Post, 27-year-old Alexandra Godino tried to ban the show from premiering her episode earlier.

You see, her wedding isn’t until May, but the network wanted to show her episode on Friday, over the Bank Holiday weekend.

She told The Post, ‘If I for one second, for one second, thought they would air this before my wedding I would never have done it – ever, ever, ever.’

Alexandra said she had agreed to go on the show at the last minute, after being approached by producers whilst shopping at Kleinfeld Bridal. She claims that she agreed on the verbal condition that her episode wouldn’t be shown until after the May wedding, so she says she was shocked to learn of the 25th March date.

Unfortunately for Alexandra, her lawsuit was unsuccessful. New York Daily News reported that the judge ruled against stopping the episode from airing, meaning that it was actually broadcast on Friday. 

Obviously this meant that, if they had tuned in to watch, her fiancé and their guests would have been able to see her gown. 

According to the report, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Nancy Bannon said in court, ‘I appreciate that (airing the show Friday) could take away from the pageantry of the wedding’, but refused to stop the show because the bride had signed a waiver which gave the production company rights to use her image, with no mention of any conditions.

Half Yard Productions released the statement: ‘We love producing this special show and are proud of its quality and legacy on TLC. Like all the brides we portray, we wish Ms. Godino a happy and successful future.’

And, of course, so do we. 

Say Yes To The Dress is actually due to start filming here in the UK, and with such a following in the US, we’re sure it’ll be a HUGE hit…