Is The Slipper Really About To Become Extinct?

If you haven’t bought a new pair of slippers recently, then you should feel really, really guilty. Why? Well because you are going to be partly responsible for their extinction.

The Metro has reported that the sale of slippers is on such a steep decline that before long, they may disappear altogether. JD Williams announced that the sale of the indoor shoe has fallen 72% year on year and if this continues at the current rate, slippers will be no more. Can you imagine? Just what will you pair with your dressing gown?

The online retailer has put the demise down to warmer homes and underfloor heating. So apparently, people no longer feel the need to wear slippers around their homes and are going barefoot instead. JD Williams is even suggesting that people are choosing to wear their shoes around the house instead of investing in a comfy, cosy pair of slippers. Why?!

In response to this devastating news, slipper fans all over the internet have understandably gone crazy in an attempt to #SaveTheSlipper and are posting snaps of their toasty feet in their fave slippers with the supportive hashtag. We suggest you join them before it’s too late.

And how better to take part then snapping up a snazzy new pair. We have rounded up the chicest pairs of slippers on the high street so that your fashionable feet can look amazing whilst helping the campaign. Come on, don’t let slippers become a thing of the past. Act now before they end up where Gameboys and Juicy Couture tracksuits have come before them.

> The chicest slippers on the high street that should be right at the top of your Christmas list.

The White Company Ballet Slippers, £30

Ugg Sheepskin Slippers, £75

Zara Purple Slippers, £29.99

Topshop Unicorn Slippers, £12

By Amy de Klerk