The Saturdays: ‘The Beauty Rules We Live By…’

The Saturdays’ Frankie, Mollie, Rochelle, Vanessa and Una have joined forces with Garnier Ultimate Blends for their nationwide tour, and we couldn’t believe our luck when they invited us to come along too.

From all-day rehearsals, to drinking green juices with Vanessa, we got them to reveal their beauty tips, body prep and experience what life on a tour bus with them, is really like…

Beauty Rule 1: Prep is key

Frankie: I like to prep my skin the night before a big show, I use the Glam Glow Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask, £21.50, you can really feel it getting to work, and the effects are instant.

Mollie: For me I’ll have a long bath with some Epsom Bath Salts, £8.49, it really helps to soothe sore muscles.

Vanessa: I like to use the Garnier Ultimate Blends The Nourishing Repairer 1 Minute Treatment, £4.49, it has avocado in it which is so lovely and nourishing, perfect for dry hair like mine. Sometimes I’ll leave it on overnight it my hair is really damaged.

Rochelle: I like to use the Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Perfector Oil, £9.99, on my hair because it goes very frizzy throughout the night, the oil is perfect for calming it.

Beauty Rule 2: Look everywhere for ideas

Mollie: Instragram is so good for beauty inspiration.

Rochelle: I always save hairstyles I see on instagram, at the moment I’m loving fishtails plaits.

Mollie: Today I sent our hair stylist an instagram picture of Doutzen Koures, the Victoria Secret model, I was like, I want to have her hair! He was like, ok yeah, good luck looking like that! [laughs]

Una: We were all looking at Jennifer Lopez references for the the tour, we all love her!

Rochelle: Yeah our opening outfit is inspired by J-Lo.

Beauty Rule 3: Always have a nighttime beauty routine

Rochelle: We always make sure we take of our makeup.

Mollie: I love to use a bit of rose oil, the girls are laughing because I have been banging on about rose oil non-stop.

Rochelle: She’s obsessed.

Mollie: I was like guys I’ve being using this Una Brennan Rose Oil, £14.99, and I can’t believe how good it is.

Beauty Rule 4: The supplements we swear by

Vanessa: I just bought some Hairfinity supplements, £24, because I saw someone tweeting about it them. I’ll probably get a massive moustache for taking them but they do make my hair grow! [laughs]

Una: I take fish oil supplements to help prevent catching a cold, plus omega 3 is really good for your skin and hair. 

By Victoria Jowett