Cruel Intentions Is Coming Back, But Is Buffy?

Sarah Michelle Gellar has spoken out about the possibility...

UPDATE: In further reboot news, it sounds like Buffy The Vampire Slayer isn’t completely off the cards.

It’s been nearly two decades (way to make us feel old!) since lead character Sarah Michelle Gellar first appeared in the series, but while speaking at the #BlogHer16 event in Los Angeles on Friday, the 39-year-old teased at a potential reboot.

“You never know… but that being said, the point of Buffy, what was so special about it was, it was a metaphor of the horrors of high school. The monsters were literally the manifestation of the horrors of that time. That’s a very specific story. I don’t know what that story is now.

“The whole idea of Buffy giving her power at the end — what you can follow and what [producers] could reboot is any of those young slayers coming today.

“Bullies were a literal bully when Buffy was growing up. Now bullies hide behind a screen. Buffy would have to be told by someone of that age.”

The more like the original the better, we say! Watch this space…



Sarah Michelle Gellar will reprise her original role in the Cruel Intentions reboot

26/2/16: Remember last year when we brought you the VERY exciting news that one of our all-time fave films would be reprised? Yep, last October NBC announced that the 90s cult classic, Cruel Intentions would be turned into a TV show.
And fans of the film we’ll be overjoyed to hear we have some even more exciting news about the upcoming show. One of the original stars of the film, Sarah Michelle Gellar will be reprising her role of Kathryn Merteuil.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Cruel Intentions TV Show The original cast…

The Buffy actress shared the big news via Instagram sharing a throwback Thursday snap. Gellar revealed her upcoming project with a pic of her and both the original director (Roger Kumble) and executive producer (Neal Moritz) back in 1998 side by side with a pic of her and the pair this week.
Announcing the news with her character’s famous catchphrase from the original movie she wrote: “That’s right “everybody loves me, and I intend to keep it that way” #kathrynmerteuil is back!!! I am happy to say that I will be joining them (and @nbctv ) on the new#Crueltv”.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Cruel Intentions TV Show We’re SO excited

This pic also broke the news that two of the original production team would be back for the TV series reboot. It just gets better and better!

If that wasn’t enough Cruel Intentions fulled nostalgia for one day, Gellar then teased us with another throwback snap – a pic of the cast at a 1998 dinner, and a copy of the script showing the original title, ‘Cruel Inventions’.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Cruel Intentions TV Show How young do they look?!

The Cruel Intentions pilot takes place 15 years after the events of the movie wrapped, with Kathryn trying to establish control over both Valmont International and Bash Casey, the son of her late stepbrother and a Annette Hargrove (Philippe and Witherspoon in the original).

If the TV show gets signed up Gellar will be the female lead. Now we’re just praying that some of the original cast might also jump on bandwagon.
Do you reckon Ryan Philippe, Reese Witherspoon or Selma Blair would sign up?
By Elizabeth Bennett