Guess Who’s The Star Of H&M’s New Christmas Campaign?

H&M’s Christmas campaigns always manage to firmly put the festive feeling into the last few months of our year, and so, every year, we wait to see who’s fronting the latest ads with bated breath. Imagine our surprise and delight, then, when H&M announced that this year’s yuletide rep will be none other than Lady Gaga!

You heard that right – the completely fabulous (and mildly bonkers) pop star will be the high-street brand’s latest celeb face. But there’s more! The Lady in question will also be joined by the epic super-crooner (and her current BFF) Tony Bennett! We. Cannot. Cope.

Gaga previously joined the likes of Amy Winehouse and Queen Latifah (we’re not making that up) on an album of duets with the 88-year old music legend back in 2011, and the two have been unlikely friends ever since. Now, they’re releasing an album of jazzy classics, with their single Cheek To Cheek out on 23rd September. And that’s the song that can be heard in the video for H&M, which will apparently appear on our screens in November.

Gaga posted some behind-the-scenes pics on her Instagram account, proving just how excited she is to be H&M’s new gal. Not as excited as us! And just in case you’re still raising an eyebrow over her friendship with Tony Bennett, the Born This Way star captioned the below picture, saying: “I never thought I would have a friend like this. We talk about everything, we sing, we laugh, we cry. And here we’re taking a selfie #tonygaga.” Amen to that.

By Hannah Banks-Walker