Running For Beginners: The LOOK Guide

Ok guys. So before you all start with that negative ‘I’m not a runner’ shizz, consider this.

You are ALREADY a runner – all that’s left for you to do is start running. Simples.

Yeah, we know that all sounds a little bit like ‘go team’ motivational speech nonsense, but make no mistake, running really is a great (and cheap, hooray) way to get into shape. Look at celebs like Reese Witherspoon and Ellie Goulding – these two jogging beauties make running a part of their everyday routine, and we think you’d agree that they are both definitely looking all the better for it!

So, don’t be scared. Take a look at our top tips for making running part of your workout mantra. Honestly, you’ll thank us later…

1. Make the first step

This may sound stupidly simple but honestly, getting those trainers laced up and bopping out the door really is the first step to achieving your goal. Don’t worry about how far or fast you run the first time – just get comfortable with the fact that you are out and doing it. And yes, we know that it’s SO easy to talk yourself out of going for a run – ‘I’m tired’, ‘It’s raining’, etc. ENOUGH! Stop the inner monologues. This isn’t an episode of Girls. Get up, get out, run. It’s that easy.

2. Accept that it takes time

Yep, you ain’t going to turn into Paula Radcliffe overnight ladies. There will be days when you honestly can’t face the thought of heading outside, let alone completing something like a 5k run in our adverse UK weather conditions. However, remember that there are some days when your running will just fall into place. Remind yourselves how awesome it felt when you completed that first long run. Use that as your inspo and get out there.

> Reese and Ellie beat the streets…

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3. Get an app

There are so many great free running apps out there, and recording your progress will motivate you to train harder and longer. Once you see your mileage clocking up, even if it’s only a couple of small runs a week, you’ll start to feel a real sense of achievement. You didn’t have that proof of your efforts last week right? Keep going and soon you’ll begin unconciously setting yourself personal challenges. Yep, that really does happen. Own it.

4. Make running YOUR time

Most experienced runners will admit that the thirty odd minutes they spend either running home from work, or in the mornings before a hectic commute is like their own personal ‘me’ time. Running can relieve stress and give you the opportunity to reconnect with your body. Learn to embrace this peace and you’ll never look back.

5. Create a playlist

Music goes hand in hand with running. Fact. Listening to your fave tunes whilst working out will definitely help to keep you pumped, but using track rhythms whilst running will also enable you to experiment with pace. Start with something a little more mellow to ease you in (how about a little Jamie XX or Stevie Wonder), then after one or two tracks whack on some Disclosure and pick it up, pick it up!

> Gwen Stefani and Naomi Watts use jogging to keep in top shape

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6. Kit yourself out

Ok. If you are making the commitment to become a seasoned runner, we absolutely recommend that you are feeling 100% fly whenever you leave the house. Treat yourself to some stylish running gear – trainers, tights, etc. We promise that a fab sports kit will not only make you train harder, but will also make you super enthusiastic about getting out there and smashing it. One of the biggest shopping holidays of the year is coming up and it’s worth checking out our Black Friday trainer deals and Black Friday clothing deals for some serious sports gear.

7. Find friends

Chances are that you already know friends/colleagues that run already, so why not pal up with them and train together? Running is a great way to meet people whether it’s going for a Sunday park jog with the BFF, or signing up for a local running club. Pack running is a fun way to clock some serious mileage, and don’t worry about being a new runner – many running clubs cater for all abilities so there is no need to feel that awful newbie fear. Do some research and get involved.

If you feel inspired by these simple steps, then don’t stop there. Go out and ROCK this running malarky ladies, it really will be the best challange you’ll ever set yourself. For some super tips on how to ease yourself into a structured running plan, be sure to check out Nike’s Ready Set Go NRC guide – the perfect 10 week guide for fledgling athletes.

Good luck!