The Sweet That’s Got A 400 People Waiting List

Waiting lists are nothing new. Whether it’s a hot new restaurant that everyone’s raving about or the bag that the entire fash pack’s carrying, we’ve become accustomed to waiting around for what we want (and more often than not, by the time we get it, we’re no longer fussed.)

However, the hype surrounding the latest wait-inducing product is something we totally get – even if it is a gummy bear. Yes, really. 

Turns out this ain’t no regular gummy bear. In fact, it’s a booze flavoured treat strictly for adults only. The tipple of choice? Your go-to summer bevy – Rosé wine.

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Sweet boutique Sugarfina is the company responsible for the creation, which should be mass-produced by July. Like we said, though, you’ll need to get in line.

400 people have signed up to be the first to try the rosé-flavored sweetie, which is made with the swanky Whispering Angel wine. Basically, it’s the most elite pick ‘n’ mix imaginable.

Naturally, the gummies aren’t a penny-per-sweet. We’re talking £25 per metric pound.

Soz cheese and olives, we’ve found a new accompaniment to our weekly (by which we mean nightly, obvs) glass of vino…