Rochelle “Exercise or Chocolate? I’d Choose Chocolate!”

She shot to fame as one fifth of the Saturdays, became a bona fide TV star thanks to stints on The Xtra Factor, This Morning and Ninja Warrior and added fashion designer to her ever-expanding CV with a line for Now, Rochelle Humes, 27, is a mum to three-year-old Alaia Mae and she’s adding swimwear to her repertoire, looking smokin’ modeling the collection.  With everything from pool party perfect printed and jeweled styles to timeless black one-pieces and post-beach cover-ups it’s no wonder Rochelle describes the range as a “swimwear capsule wardrobe”. Over breakfast, peppermint tea and pedicures at Cowshed’s dreamy West London salon, a glowing Rochelle gave us the lowdown on everything from Marvin’s thoughts on bikinis to that #MyCalvins selfie. Watch her show you how to get holiday ready in the video above, and read on for more goss…

All these bikinis are making us want to book a holiday! Why did you decide to do swimwear?

I’ve always loved swimwear and it’s just something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m such a beach bum, I love a holiday so if there’s anyone that knows a thing or two about swimwear it’s definitely me. I’ve put in the hours! You want something that’s going to make you feel a little bit special. Good support is key. Also great colours, but I think it’s important to have pieces for different occasions. You need something great for a pool party, then a chilling bikini and a classic swimsuit.

What’s your favourite piece?

I love the black scalloped neck swimsuit – it’s the one I’d take my daughter swimming in, but you could also wear it on the beach or with a great pair of wide leg trousers all day. I also love the khaki one with the strap all the way across – if you’re tanning just tuck it away.

Did you ask Marvin for advice on the collection?

This is so random because I didn’t know guys even a) noticed or b) cared, but Marvin hates it when a bikini top and bottoms are different colours, but I love that! He was like “oh no, every time I see that I think ‘eugh why isn’t it matching!’”

So how do you get yourself bikini ready?

You can’t! You think oh I’m going to be quite good before you go and then suddenly you’re on holiday and then there’s no point! Also, everyone is miserable when they’re hungry. If you’re happy and healthy then that’s key.

You must be a pro at packing now. What are your tips?

I can literally pack a bag in 2 seconds for myself, but if I’m packing for my daughter, I literally have the suitcase out for like 10 days before. As much as I try, I haven’t got that down yet. But for me yes, I find it really easy if I know where I’m going and what I’m doing. Oh, and I’m a folder! I get everything flat so I can fit in loads.

Now you’ve had your daughter Alaia-Mae, do you feel more comfortable in a bikini or swimsuit?

She’s three now, so I feel a lot more comfortable than I did when she was six months. I probably would’ve worn a swimsuit for a while then – I remember wearing a lot more 50s high-waist styles to cover everything up. But now I feel confident – I think that comes with accepting that, although you can go back to the same weight after having a baby, you will have a different body. It’s just sort of getting used to that and then working with it.

Did you feel pressurized to get back into shape?

No, I really don’t get myself down with stuff like that. I just think, everything in moderation – it takes you nine months to have a baby, you’re not going to be back to normal in9 days. It just doesn’t work like that. I didn’t have time either! You have a new baby, you’re trying to make sure they’re alright and they’re eating – you’re not worried about yourself.

In the #MyCalvins pic you put on instagram you look amazing! We’d never really seen you post that kind of image, what made you do it?

I did a photoshoot and that picture sort of happened by an accident. I’m really good friends with the photographer and she showed me and I was like ‘oh! I’ve still got it!’


Were you worried about opening yourself up to trolls?

Yeah! But it was only my tummy, I mean, I had jeans on. But what can you do? I think with any picture you put up you open yourself to criticism, everyone has an opinion. But the comments were surprisingly very nice. But like I say, I wasn’t in a sexy bra – I’d never put up naked selfies or anything!

Have you ever experienced body-shaming on social media?

Yeah! I think in the public eye you’re always going to. I pay no attention to it – what’s the point? People do it for a reaction. Recently, Marvin and I went to Kenya for Sport Relief and I put a picture up of saying how impressed I was with the work being done and how far the money had gone and someone commented about how we weren’t doing it right. You just can’t win. If you’ve got time to write something horrible on someone’s page, it says a lot more about you than it does me.

Agreed! So how do you fit in workouts and running around after a three-year-old?

I exercise once a week. At the minute, I’m doing pilates because I hate scary cardio and trainers who makes you feel really under pressure. In pilates, you feel really chilled but you really do ache afterwards! If it came to exercise or chocolate, I’d choose chocolate, so I’m pushing myself to go once a week!

The Rochelle Humes for swimwear collection is online now