River Island Is Selling A Sleeping Bag Coat For £180


Are you one of those people that literally drags themselves out of bed in the mornings? Yes? Well, what if we told you that you didn’t have it to leave it behind anymore? That you could take it with you wherever you go from now on?

In what might be the most bizarre fashion item we’ve ever come across- even crotchless jeans don’t come close to this- River Island has launched a sleeping bag coat that is basically a big pink duvet with sleeves. We’re not kidding.

The design comes as part of the brand’s collaboration with Ashish, and it’s basically the best thing since sliced bread.

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‘Kay, it’s a bit extreme. And you’ll probably get a few funny looks in the street, but that’s a small price to pay if it means bringing your bed to work and feeling all kinds of snuggly for the day, isn’t it?

Coat, £180, River Island x Ashish

If pink’s not your thing, the sleeping bag coat comes in khaki too, but neither are cheap. Each will set you back £180 which, to be frank, is slightly steep for a coat- designer or not- in the shape of a sleeping bag, but we just can’t overlook how cosy it must be.

Seriously. Just imagine. Wind, rain, snow- ain’t nothin’ gonna bring you down in this baby.

And while it may look slightly impractical, the sleeping bag coat comes complete with double arm holes and zips so you can switch between one or two according to how hungover cold you are.

What do you think? Have we totally lost it? Or is this an ingenious idea that’ll change the way we live forever? We vote the latter.