River Island Sale: Get Rihanna’s Look For Less!

River Island‘s half-price summer sale is packed full of gorgeous discounted fashion buys but what’s really put a smile on our face is that most of the Rihanna For River Island collection is in the sale as well, meaning you can get Rihanna‘s look for less – whoop!

From evening dresses and casual tees to crop tops and ankle boots, there are so many must-have pieces in the Rihanna For River Island collection now included in River Island‘s sale. Our favourite picks include this £20 cami dress, £10 crop top and £15 denim shorts – that’s two outfits for a measly £45! With discounts this amazing, we can afford to get the whole Rihanna For River Island collection and strut our stuff like Ri-Ri herself.

Pssst… Don’t forget that there are loads of other incredible discounts in River Island‘s summer sale as well.

By Lauren O’Callaghan

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