Rita Ora’s Got The Blues… The Icy Hair Blues

If you thought Smurf hair was a summer fad, think again. Because Rita Ora‘s hopped on the trend, and that means it’s well and truly winnning.

Katy Perry‘s been there. Lily Allen went lilac. And Kylie Jenner put her grunge spin on the trend with greeny/blue tips.

And while Rita’s hardly had a quiet hair year, this has to be one of her boldest looks of 2014.

Debuting her new super long, poker straight tresses for her latest gig in Abu Dhabi, Rita took to the stage in black and white sports luxe tuxedo trousers and a black mesh top, ice blue hair flowing free. 

‘Blu hur that time in Abu Dhabi’, she captioned a snap of her posing backstage before her performance.

A bit Storm from X Men, a bit Care Bear, we’re loving this icy cool look on Rita – especially with the darker dip-dyed ends.

We know she’s a sucker for change, so who knows how long this turquoise hue will stick around. 

But it’s clearly pastels all the way for winter, so let’s hope it’s a little longer than last month’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it candy pink rinse!

By Robyn Munson