Rita Ora’s Body On Me Video Is Super Steamy

The wait is over! Rita Ora and Chris Brown’s Body On Me music video has finally been dropped. 

And it’s just as steamy as we expected. 

Showing the famous pair playing the roles of a couple very much in the honeymoon period, we’re treated to a lot of chemistry and some very racy outfits… 

We can always rely on Rita Ora to tell it like it is. And in an interview with Free Radio, the singer spills all about Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, flirting with X Factor contestants, working with Chris Brown, and doing another two Fifty Shades Of Grey movies…

Speaking to Free Radio’s Adam Wilbourn about her newfound friendship with Cheryl, the singer said: ‘Being on a panel with another female is amazing, especially with Cheryl being such a girls’ girl, me and her really kicked it off straight away.’

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RITA ORA AND cheryl fernandez versini on the x factor Is there any rivalry between these two? Is there HECK!


‘I’m really happy that I just get to have a laugh with someone that gets it. Obviously I have a good dear friend of mine already on there (Nick), and then Simon is just the overlooker! It’s amazing to have 4 different personalities all over the place!’ We can’t wait to see this lot in action.

And what about those good-looking male contestants she’s had access to? Has the single lady found herself having a ltitle flirt? 

rita ora and grimmy on x factor Rita Ora says she loves her little X Factor judging team


‘Let me just completely tell you the truth’, she said. ‘I wasn’t being a flirt, I’m a very open person, if I see something that I really like or someone that’s really nice, whether it’s a male or a female, I’m the first to compliment, and I’ll just say Yyou look really great”.

‘Obviously I’m a professional so it’s just compliments really! I also think it cracks the ice.’

The 24-year-old recently came under fire for her collaboration with Chris Brown on new single Body On Me, with Rita being labelled a ‘traitor to women’. So what’s her take on it all?

the x factor judging panel 2015 The X Factor judges cosy up for a selfie on set


‘I am musically such a fan of Chris’ work and I have been for such a long time’, she said. ‘I really just thought vocally, his voice really suited this record, and I approached it with just that in mind.’ 

She added that she has no regrets: ‘Musically it worked perfectly. That’s what I do, I’m a fan of his music, so I asked him to be on it, and he agreed, and we came out with ‘Body On Me’. This album for me is all about us sticking together and uniting.’

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Rita Ora has teamed up with Chris Brown for new single 'Body On Me' Rita Ora has teamed up with Chris Brown for new single ‘Body On Me’


So will we be seeing Brown make an appearance at Judges Houses, perhaps? Well, Rita didn’t rule it out. 

‘Definitely have got a few ideas in mind about who I would like to join me’, she admitted coyly. ‘But I am definitely not going to let anybody know, you’ll have to wait and see!

rita ora in leopard print dressing gown Rita Ora says she can’t wait to sign up for the next two 50 Shades films


As for doing another Fifty Shades movie after her appearance as Mia in the first film, the singer is totally on board. 

‘Yeah 100%’, she said. ‘I’ve read all three books and you can definitely see me in number two and three, when we make it happen. In two and three my character really grows, so you’ll see me! I also want to play a superhero one day! Yeah, Wonder Woman!’

Tune in to Free Radio tonight from 7pm to hear the full interview…


Rita Ora and pals on a recent night out Rita Ora and pals on a recent night out