Instagram: @ritaora

Rita Ora Spent Easter With A Very Famous Supermodel

With her first series of The Voice all wrapped up, Rita Ora headed for a country getaway to celebrate the Easter weekend, and it seems she was in some seriously fashionable company. Joined by her boyfriend, Ricky Hil, Rita spent the long weekend with the likes of Mary Charteris and Kate Moss, spending her time uploading pics to Instagram and generally telling the world how much fun she was having.

Rita and Mary played dress-up in Kate Moss’ wardrobe


Posting a picture of the whole gang enjoying lunch, Rita captioned it with ‘Best weekend eva’, before sharing snaps of her and Mary playing ‘dress up’ in Kate Moss’ epic wardrobe. Yup, Rita fulfilled all of our dreams when she stepped into what might be the greatest (and most coveted) wardrobe of all time, trying on clothes and posing for the camera. And from the looks of things, Kate’s fashion haul consumes an entire attic room. Although we suspect that’s not all of it.

Instagram: @ritaora


Rita also dressed up in a bridal veil and fairy wings during the weekend, which we doubt she found in the Wardrobe Of Dreams. Clearly the pop star had all the fun this weekend. We’d usually be jealous, but those Easter eggs were just too good for us to miss…