Rita Ora Shows The Results Of A Straightener-Free Day

Rita Ora has just suffered the consequences of a straightener-free day. And the results are rather hilarious.

We’ve all been there. You’re staying at your boyfriend’s or are away for the weekend, unpack your bag and feel the dread kick in as you realise you’ve forgotten your most-needed hair appliance. Noooo!

And the 24-year-old’s latest Instagram snap shows the singer working one seriously curly ‘do as her blonde hair turns ’70s afro in her straightener-free zone. 

‘Don’t you hate it when your straighteners break?’, Rita captioned the photo.

> Rita Ora was seen flaunting retro Hollywood waves just last weeek


Okay, so obviously it’s a wig and not the result of a natural dry situation. But there’s no denying the popstar looks (incredibly) pretty amazing with her frizzy Lenny Kravitz hair.

Teamed with classic Ray Ban aviators, Rita’s flawlessly smooth caramel skin and an attitude-packed nude pout, Rita’s afro shows the girl really can pull off any era of hairstyle.

Just last week, she was working ’90s grunge waves in a light pink hue, followed by gorgeous vintage Marilyn waves for a secret photoshoot.

We’re losing count! Talk about a transformation-a-week.