See Rita Ora covering Beyonce's homemade 7/11 video!

Rita Ora Does A Pretty Good Job Of Beyoncé’s 7/11

If there’s one video that stood out last year, it was Beyoncé‘s 7/11. So we can hardly blame Rita Ora for getting all fangirl on us and paying tribute to the Queen with her very own version.

Yacht holidays – you’ve got alot of spare time on them, don’t you? 

Well, clearly Rita did, because she only went and rounded up her St Barths crew (and her sister) to remake the video of 2014, shot for shot.

The new judge of The Voice slipped into a black bikini, a Chanel padlock and a snapback to flex like it’s going out of fashion as she mimicked Bey’s famous moves onboard her mega glam vessel.

Tweeting the video to her followers with the message, ‘Happy New Year from the ORA team!!’, Rita was clearly proud of her handiwork. And we were pretty impressed, too.

Granted, there’s no Kale sweatshirt, but the 50 Shades Of Grey star still looked gorgeous as she writhed around a pole and got down with the help of her toilet paper kneepads. Crafty.

But don’t take our word for it. Watch the clip below and see for yourself!

By Robyn Munson