Rihanna’s Super Furry Flats Are Going To Split Opinion

Thanks to Rihanna, it looks like furry shoes aren’t going anywhere.

Remember back in the summer of 2013? Celine had just revived the most unexpected of fashion icons: the Birkenstock. But, more than that, these designer beauties came lined with blue and white fur, created to give your feet a snuggly sandal experience.

>Instagram, captioned: 'Paris'" class="imagecache-scaled_620px_wide" src="http://keyassets-p2.timeincuk.net/wp/prod/wp-content/uploads/sites/48/2015/03/rihannashoesparis-1.jpg" title="Rihanna uploaded a close up of her furry flats to Instagram, captioned: 'Paris'"> Rihanna uploaded a close up of her furry flats to Instagram, captioned: ‘Paris’


Alexa Chung then praised the Furkenstock on Instagram, before we saw Kim Kardashian working furry strappy stilettos for a day out with Kanye West in New York.

And now, the queen of trendsetting has stepped out of her Paris hotel working the new season take on the comfiest shoe in town – the super furry slip-on.

> The bloggers have been going wild for the Furkenstock – would you dare?


The Bajan beauty made her signature boyfriend jean and slogan sweat look into a serious talking point by adding a pair of cream coloured Simone Rocha flat leather mules witha seriously strokable furry trim from the SS15 collection.

These are definitely the most extreme take on the trend we’ve seen so far – trust RiRi to be the culprit! And while they look super comfy, we’re just not quite sure how practical these toe warmers would be. And her fans didn’t seem sold on Instagram, either. 

‘It looks like she’s stepping on bunnies :(‘, one user wrote. ‘Dem ugly.. but u aint.. #respect xo’, expressed another.

> Rihanna was spotted the night before in a dazzling gold coat in Paris on a secret photoshoot


The night before, the FourFiveSeconds singer was looking much more glamours as she glided her way through the spectacular Miror Room of the Palace of Versailles at, erm, 3am.

Yep, we’re not sure what Rihanna was doing there in her ah-maxing gold glitter coat and slippers, but we’re imagining some sort of super glam photo shoot on the horizon. 

Slippers again? Looks like RiRi’s found a comfy new favourite…