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Is Rihanna’s New BBHHM Video About Peter Gounis?

Rihanna‘s new video for ‘B**** Better Have My Money’ is one of her most explicit yet.  And rumour has it that the entire song was penned about her former accountant, Peter Gounis… Eesh.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, the video sees RiRi getting her bloody revenge on an enemy, ‘The Accountant’, by kidnapping his wife and holding her captive before eventually killing him off in a very gruesome manner.

And The Washington Post is now stating that the entire violent BBHHM tale is about Gounis himself.



One of the reasons why Rihanna and her ex-accountant fell out so badly was after she accused him of convincing her to buy a super swanky Beverly Hills mansion that was actually plagued with mould and water damage, resulting in her losing a whopping $2million when she sold it on. Ouch.

RiRi filed a $35 million lawsuit against Gounis in 2012, claiming that he had also failed to manage her taxes, royalties and tour debt correctly, leading her to become near-bankrupt.

The beef between the pair was widely known at the time, and the lyrics to BBHHM would certainly back-up the claim. ‘Don’t act like you forgot/I call the shots, shots, shots/Like brap, brap, brap/Pay me what you owe me, don’t act like you forgot’, she sings.

The 27-year-old singer first teased fans with a trailer at the BET Awards, and followed up with a special tweet just before the video dropped.



‘BBHMMvideo Ya girl got director skillz!!! The concept for this piece came to me 8 months ago!!! So you can imagine how anxious I am right now!!! #MIDNIGHT on #VEVO’, she wrote.

And boy, has it made a splash. The seven-minute video is more like a short feature film, and was rated for mature audiences for its language, nudity and violence. And yep, we can see why.

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Co-directed by Rihanna herself with French collective MegaForce, the BBHHM also features A-list actors Eric Roberts and Mads Mikkelsen (of James Bond and Hannibal fame), and spells out a tale of epic revenge.

The video kicks off with a scene showing a pair of bloodied legs sticking out of a large wooden chest in the middle of a grassy clearing. Mysterious…



RiRi is then seen kidnapping a glamorous (and super rich) woman dressed in a white suit and a fur stole after she kisses her partner goodbye and leaves their lavish apartment.

Dressed in red leather and a newsboy cap and sporting ’90s red ringlets and a dark berry pout, Rihanna plays a thug who along with her gal posse proceed to torment said woman in a variety of murky locations…

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On a yacht, by the pool, in a warehouse. The outfits are brilliantly garish, the song’s a tune, but watching the video is actually quite chilling.

In the end, there’s a Mads Mikkelsen-related twist that explains all. Most of all, that BadGalRiRi won’t be toning herself down anytime soon…



And we’re sure the backlash won’t get to her, either. It was recently announced by the Recording Industry Association of America that Rihanna had become the first artist to surpass 100 million digital downloads and on-demand streams in the US.

So basically, she can definitely afford to keep raising a few eyebrows…

Watch B**** Better Have My Money Below and let us know what you think.