Rihanna’s Amazing Sex In The City Moment

Rihanna has gone all Carrie Bradshaw on us. Yes, really.

After wowing last week in two stunning Zac Posen gowns for her charity Diamond Ball, it seems that Rihanna has (semi) permanently ditched the casual wear.

The beauty has opted to stay in her bespoke self-named “Batman gown” that she performed in, and has taken a series of dramatic insta-snaps, showcasing the designer’s creation in its full glory.

Reminscent of the iconic Parisian hotel room that saw Ms Bradshaw dramatically ditch her Russian lover Aleksandr Petrovsky, our gal RiRi frolicked around on a luxurious bed, in her tremendously voluminous skirt.

We couldn’t help but wonder, was the NYC ‘it’ girl the inspiration behind the singer’s latest selfies?

Written by Laura Jane Turner