Rihanna: The New Face Of Armani Underwear

We know pop sensation Rihanna isn’t afraid to pose in her knickers judging by her latest tour photos, where she sported plunging bustiers and high-waisted pants. And it seems her raunchy stage attire has impressed fashion gods Emporio Armani so much that they’ve now snapped her up as the label’s new global face (or derrière) of their underwear.

Rihanna will also model jeans from the label’s AW11 collection, so we’re expecting lots of amazing shots of her curvy booty. The campaign shots have already been photographed on location in New York, but we’ll have to wait until September when the campaign launches to see them. If they’re anything like the ones Victoria Beckham and Megan Fox did (when they modelled for the luxury designer brand, Armani), we reckon they’re going to be seriously sexy.

If we had a bum, waist and legs as amazing as Rihanna’s, we’d want them splashed across billboards worldwide, too! Check out Rihanna’s best fashion moments below… JG