Rihanna Steps Out Braless In New York!

Rihanna can’t do much to shock us anymore, but of course we still like to draw attention to her barely there clothes. Ri-Ri was spotted out in New York wandering around braless yesterday – but don’t worry, she was wearing a see-through white vest top so it’s OK, right?

Showing off her nipples through her vest may have been the accessory to draw most attention to her outfit, until you clock the giant head-sized hoop earrings Rihanna is casually sporting… But at least if she gets bored she could always use them as a hoopla for some light exercise!

And this wasn’t the only bling she was wearing – teaming her plain vest with some super-short denim shorts, Rihanna’s simple outfit was given a shake-up with her staple body chain, spike necklace and piled up wrist and finger candy.

Adding Nike hi-tops, a Teenage Fantasy cap and a leather leaf-print rucksack, the princess of pop shows us all how to get the ultimate ’90s look. We think we’ll give the nipple flashing a miss though!

By Harriet Davey

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