Rihanna Teases Fans With Her New Song On Dubsmash

Um. Rihanna has gone and done it again.

The pop songstress never fails to surprise us. Last night, as most of us were sleeping, the 27 year old took to Twitter to announce a brand spanking new song.

Yup, you heard that right. She’s pulled a Beyoncé on us, releasing new material with no warning. 

The star tweeted to her 42.7 million fans, “Head to Dubsmash for a sneak peek of my new single #BBHMM!!”


> The singer also tweeted some snaps from her #R8 shoot


The phone app allows you to record short videos, mime along to famous film quotes, snippets from YouTube hits and – of course – sing along to your favourite songs. Now, it’s home to the first clip of RiRi’s new single, which will be part of her highly anticipated eigth album – the first in three years.

And what a tease she is. The single, entitled Bitch Better Have My Money, has indeed been added on the app, but it’s only a 10 second snippet.

We’re sure her fans are far from disappointed, as it has recently been revealed that the superstar is the most streamed female artist in the world on Spotify. Wowza.



Rihanna also shared a series of new images, thought to be from her album artwork.

The starlet wore a racey leather jacket, and was topless underneath, showing off her famous Egyptian-style tattoo. But most stand-out of all were her overdrawn eyebrows, giving the bushy ‘brow trend a whole new meaning.

The shoot was shot by Italian fashion photographer Paolo Roversi, and has Instagram’s resident Bad Gal rocking a very high fashion look. We love.

Her make-up was dramatic and smokey, with heavy ‘shadow and a deep lip, set off by some show-stopping chandalier earrings.



Kendall Jenner’s BFF Gigi has also been one of the latest to work some serious ‘brows.

Sharing a behind the scenes picture from the make-up chair of her latest shoot, the star rocked some very high arches, defined by heavy kohl . She captioned, “eyebrows on fleeeeek”.

Want some tips to plush up your eyebrows? Step this way, or watch our beauty video below…

Gotta love strong ‘brow game, right?

By Laura Jane Turner