Dab Dance: The LOL Dance Taking Over Instagram

Stop what your doing, there is officially a new dance craze sweeping social media, and some of the biggest A listers are doing it too. We’re talking about mega star Rihanna, actor Tom Hanks and even Stevie Wonder is getting in on the action too.

> We Love Tom Hanks doing the Dab, hilarious.

> LOL!

We bet your thinking what we thought when we first heard about the Dab, erh what is it? Dabbing pretty much consists of one key move; you basically mimic the action of dabbing your nose with your sleeve. Yes, you heard us right, like when you have no tissue and the only available alternative is your arm. We were sold when we saw the instagram video of RiRi Dabbing whilst cooking, brilliant! But if your still stuck on how to do the Dab, have a look at this cool video below. It’s actually quite easy to do too; we’ve been practising LOL.

The dance craze originates from Atlanta but only really took off when rappers Drake and Future performed their mixtape What a Time to be Alive. Whilst doing the Dab on stage whilst performing the song, and we all know how we all love any dance moves Drake does.

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Last year we saw a new dance trend go viral, just about every other week, and they don’t seem to be slowing down either. Lets recap; first it was the Dougie that caused a massive storm. Then came the infamous Whip and Nae Nae which saw everyone from celebs to pretty much anyone who had an instagram or snapchat account, post their dance videos. Then followed others such as the Jerk and the Quan.

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So there’s just one question to ask, will you be doing the Dab? Go on you know you want to…