This Is Why Rihanna’s Puma Collection Is Major News For Women

Well well well, isn’t Rihanna having a great year?

Not only has she become the face of Dior (remember how she wowed in THAT pink Dior cape at Paris Fashion Week), but she has also been working hard of late to fulfil her obligations as creative director at German sportswear brand Puma…with fantastic results. So remarkable are the sales figures in fact (revealed by Puma last Friday morning), that the cult brand has made the promise that they are now going to focus more of their attention on the women’s market because of RiRi, and her influence.

Bravo Ri!

Rihanna’s first shoe for Puma, a suede platform style creeper sneaker, sold out within hours after it launched earlier in the year, and with another shoe due to be revealed at the end of the month, this young lady’s tenure doesn’t look to be ending anytime soon. Puma also added that the social media campaign and press interest following the signature shoe’s initial launch was ‘unprecedented’ for the label. It doesn’t end there. Buoyed by these incredible results, Rihanna will be working on a complete apparel and footwear collection for the brand, set for release next year.

Rihanna and Solange RiRi rocking some Puma sneaks, and Solange at NYFW

And let’s not forget of course that singer/songwriter/BeyoncĂ© sis Solange Knowles has also worked closely with Puma to launch several exclusive women-only shoe collaborations, with her focus being on designing footwear for fierce, independent women. Her most recent collection, Word To The Woman (launched in conjunction with her own record label Saint Heron) focused on diversity, and featured 14 women with very different careers, body shapes and backgrounds. Solange, an ambassador for women’s diversity and equality herself, states:

“The Puma team couldn’t be a more supportive team. Sometimes I conjure up these slightly wild ideas, create a presentation, and sweat a little when I hit send, but every time they get it and agree to go on this wesome ride with me.”

It is a great result not just for Puma, but for women as a whole. With high-profile ladies such as Rihanna and Solange Knowles commanding such amazing creative influence over a sports market largely dominated by male product, it really is a cause to celebrate.

Let’s hope the market follows suit.