Rihanna’s New Album Is Upstaged By Her $9000 Headphones

Image via Twitter: @rihanna

In case you were in any doubt over Rihanna’s sartorial influence, the singer proved her power on Twitter earlier this week. Posting a picture of herself, RiRi announced that she was “listening to ANTI,” her hotly anticipated new album. But it wasn’t just the promise of some brand new Rihanna tunes that got everyone excited; it was also the rather conspicuous pair of headphones she was wearing in the photo. 

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Gold, bejewelled and attached to an actual crown, Rihanna’s headphones could only be the world of Dolce and Gabbana, who debuted the snazzy accessories on the AW15 catwalk last year. Made in collaboration with Frends, Rihanna’s own pair will set you back a staggering $9,000 on the Italian fashion house’s own website, which equates to about £6,200. 

> Dolce and Gabbana debuted the bejewelled headphones on the AW15 catwalk


According to Digiday, the designer headphones sold out within 24 hours of Rihanna’s tweet. Yes, really. She’s that influential. Although we’re not entirely sure who has that sort of money lying around, ready to splash on embellished headphones. Will we be seeing Dolce crowns everywhere we look?

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Somehow we doubt it, but if indeed you’re in the market for a pair of these bedazzled beauts, you’ll be pleased to know that they’re still available on the Frends website, and for just £3783,71! That’s practically a bargain. 

Back to that new album. RiRi’s brand new song, Work, was heard for the first time on UK radio today, while the album is likely to be a surprise release later this week. Well, if the response to ANTI is anything like the response to Rihanna’s Dolce wares, it looks like it’ll be a sell-out.