Relationship Advice: 11 Hilarious Examples Not To Follow

Everyone knows that relationships are difficult and we’ve all caused unnecessary arguments with our loved ones. Here’s how to avoid causing more.

1. Don’t become BFFs with his mum.

No matter how much fun she is, he won’t appreciate you having her over for wine and gossip every other night.


2. Don’t move all your stuff into his flat without his say so.

Wait for assurance from him before you take over a shelf in his bathroom cabinet and fill it with tampons.


3. Don’t get ahead of yourself thinking about your future.

Two weeks in and you’ve picked out your wedding frock, chosen your kids’ names and photoshopped what they’ll look like. He might not be as excited as you.


4. Don’t embarrass him at his work Christmas party.

You’re invited to impress his boss and instead you make the most of the free bar. Not a good move.


5. Don’t show up on a boys’ night out uninvited.

Or spend the entire night calling and texting him to find out his exact wherabouts.


6. Don’t flirt with his dad.

You want the in laws to like you sure, but don’t take it too far with his dad over the dinner table. Your boyf might not like it.


7. Don’t hog the remote.

Making him watch five-hour marathons of your favourite show which he absolutely hates. Bad move.


8. Don’t make fun of him, boys are sensitive you know.

You might think it’s funny, but he won’t.


9. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you in an argument.

It might make your point seem less valid.


10. Don’t get jealous.

It’s usually unwarranted and ends in you looking silly. 


11. Don’t talk about your ex-boyfriend.

No guy wants to hear about how your ex used to treat you to flowers for no reason, just because he was so sweet.


So, if you can avoid doing all that forever, then you’re on course for one seriously succesful relationship without any arguing or eye-rolling. Best of luck!

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