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Reformation Designs Range For Girls With Bigger Boobs

We’re already pretty obsessed with LA fashion brand Reformation, but the great news is it has just got even better in our eyes. This week, Reformation launched the second installment of their ‘I’m Up Here’ collection, which is designed for those ladies among us with slightly bigger boobs, C-DD cups in particular. Daisy Lowe is the face of the collection, showing off her 32C assets very proudly in cold-shoulder dresses and cut-out maxis. Can we just take a moment to address how smokin’ hot she looks in the campaign photos?

Daisy Lowe models for Reformation Proving cool co-ords and Bardot frocks can work for bigger breasted gals



Daisy Lowe models for Reformation The collection features floaty maxis in gorge prints



On the brand’s website, the mantra states: “Big Boob Problems. They catch the Bolognese falling off your fork and bump into stuff when you turn around. Running naked? Impossible. We get it – the Big Boob Problems are many.”

But while it clearly has the best interests at the heart of the campaign, Reformation has come under criticism for implying that if your boobs fall between a C cup and a DD cup, you’re considered ‘bigger breasted.’ With the average bra size in Britain being 36D, we can see where commenters are coming from, but the range is at least a step in the right direction.

Yael Alfalo, founder of Reformation, spoke to The Guardian about her new collection, saying she created it because she has “a lot of friends with bigger busts and I was sick of them complaining. We did a survey, and women said they were proud of their bodies but didn’t want to be completely on display. Most of us when getting dressed want to feel beautiful but not like we’re objectifying ourselves. I really wanted to make clothes for how women feel and what they want their clothes to represent. And I always think it’s better to say something in a humorous way than a regular way.”  

Alfalo also says she tested the pieces on girls that work for Reformation, saying they are now known as “the titty committee.” 

You can snap up the collection here, with prices starting at $58.