A Love Letter To… Reformation

It’s Fashion News Assistant Bridie's go-to brand…

If you’re as dress-obsessed as Look is, chances are you’ve been a fan of LA label Reformation ever since Rosie Huntington-Whiteley sashayed out-out in their now iconic Georgette Wrap Dress way back in 2013.

Even up to a month or so ago, such shopping longings would’ve had you panic ordering from the States, whilst doing some fast n’ loose import math in your head. Not fun.

For US-based Reformation has traditionally been one for: 1) Celebrities 2) Jetsetters £) Jetsetting celebrities 4) Millionaires and/or 4) Rogue fashion fanatics who’ll risk life and limb (+ shipping fees) for the latest It import.

Body, £100, Reformation

Maxi dress, £280, Reformation

Dress, £205, Reformation

But not any more! Reformation recently done the incredible and dropped an edit of their best bits on Net-A-Porter.com. This means many things. 1) No more being stung by shipping fees. 2) A real-life returns policy so commitment-phobes can finally shop, free from retail remorse sweats!

And 3) We can ALL rock some Reformation in time for summer.

Pah! In your face Rosie H-W! (said with love).

The collection started out as a 21-strong piece, but at the time of typing, it looks like 6 of those have sold out. Which, considering how good it all is, isn’t hard to understand.

If all else fails, MillieMackintosh.com or Urban Outfitters have some pretty good Refo-imitations (for less than the real thing, too).

Whether it’s real or not, if it looks like Reformation, you’ll have everyone asking where your frock is from. And you’ll also be equipped with a dress that will suit literally every summer occasion. Reformation, I salute you.