Elle Woods Would Be *Very* Proud Of Reese Witherspoon

Can you imagine Reese Witherspoon playing a super perky blonde able to conquer the world who also happens to have a major thing for pink? Yes maybe you can, but what if we said we weren’t talking about Elle Woods? 


Well, the actress-turned-producer has reportedly acquired the rights to a film centred around the icon that is Barbie and we can’t think of anyone more qualified to be involved.

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While the film is actually about the woman behind Barbie, Ruth Handler, rather than the blonde bombshell doll herself, it has also been rumoured that Reese was offered a part in another film about Barbie currently being made by Sony. Two Barbie-related films offered to Reese Witherspoon? We’d say Reese’s alter ego Elle would be pretty proud of that achievement.

Reese’s production company is going to be turning the 2010 book ‘Barbie And Ruth: The Story Of The World’s Most Famous Doll And The Woman Who Created Her’ into a film. The book tells the story of Ruth Handler, the woman who was inspired by her daughter to create the world’s most iconic doll.

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The part Reese will be playing remains uncertain, but as her production company’s big aim is to bring multi-layered female roles to the big screen – Gone Girl and Wild two of it’s recent successes – we have a feeling this film about one businesswoman’s major achievement is going to be nothing short of amazing.

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And while she probably won’t be taking on the role of Barbie anytime soon, Reese will get her chance to play a bubbly blonde with a love of all things pink pretty soon. That’s if we are to believe those Legally Blonde 3 rumours…