Reasons Why It Would Be Epic To Be An Actual Mermaid

We’ve been seeing tonnes of mermaids on our Instagram feeds this week.

First, Kim Kardashian arranged for daughter North West and niece Penelope Disick to meet a mermaid on holiday in St Barts for a special girls-only party. (BEST. MUM. EVER).

And then, Britney Spears turned herself into a mermaid and posed by the pool with sons Sean and Jayden. Because, why not?

Basically, it’s given us mermaid fever. Because who didn’t desperately want to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid MORE THAN LIFE when you were younger?

For us, the dream has never stopped. Here are 16 reasons why being a mermaid would still be epic…

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1) Your hair is by default, amazing.

2) You’d have the best jewellery collection ever. Fresh pearls, anyone?

3) You’d never have to struggle into tights. EVER AGAIN.

4) You’d have an amazing voice. Because all mermaids do.

5) You would literally feel like you’re flying every day.


6) You can breathe underwater. Which is just epic in itself.

7) Every day is a workout, so no gym. Ever.

8) You could get a lift on a dolphin any day you liked.

9) Your house would be some kind of amazing underwater castle.

10) You could co-ordinate your seashell bra with your tail like a boss.


11) You would have constant access to fresh lobster, crab, sushi… Whatever you want.

12) Boys would literally fall at your feet.

13) You’d save loads of money on holiday flights. Just swim there, duh.

14) You’d have sharks as your bodyguards.

15) You’d be the most glorious singer ever, so would win ocean karaoke every time.

16) You’d be able to do the most awesome wet hair flip of ALL TIME.

*Sigh*. #Mermaidgoals.