12 Reasons We’re *So* Glad January Is Over

1. Dry January is officially over. Our friends will stop being total utter bores and actually agree to having a social life again. You know, that thing where you go out and meet people?








































2. And when we do see them, they’ll finally have stopped talking about exercise. No, we don’t want to hear how many calories you burnt at your spin class this morning. Didn’t last week, don’t this week, won’t next week.













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3. We’ve finally recovered from post-Christmas blues. There’s only so much time you can spend grieving over mince pies and mulled wine…






























4. Our friends have money to do things (and we’ll have recovered from splashing out on a load of pointless presents too). Yahooooo!














mic  beyonce money cash rich















5. The ‘New Year new me’ gym bunnies have begun dropping like flies, meaning that if you like working out, you can do so in peace. You might EVEN be able to get on a treadmill without waiting!













happy jennifer lawrence excited exciting fuck yeah















6. Now the January sales are over, we can shop without inducing a full on panic attack. Hallelujah!





























7. Easter eggs. Yep, they’re already all over the supermarket shelves – and who says we have to wait until April to buy them?!




























8. Pancake day is a stone’s throw away. An excuse to spend a whole evening making and indulging in what might be the most delicious treat ever invented? Sounds like a bit of us.




























9. We’ve finally started to date everything with the correct year. Tell us we aren’t the only ones who’ve been writing 2015 for the last month…













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10. New Year’s resolutions no longer count. We tried our best for four whole weeks, what more do you want from us?!





















11. We’ve lost our Christmas chub. So long, winter warmer!











model beach candice swanepoel













12. Train conductors might actually consider turning the heating down a notch. Ahh, the bliss of breathing on our daily commute.