Rachel Bilson Shares Adorable Baby Photo

When Rachel Bilson joined Instagram back in June, we could barely contain our excitement. 

And yesterday, Miss Bilson made us equally excited thanks to one particularly adorable photo.

The 33-year-old actress gave birth to her daughter Briar Rose last October, but it was only yesterday she (almost) shared a pic of her little girl.

Yep, Bilson posted a pic showing the back of Briar Rose’s head with hubby Hayden Christensen blowing bubbles. Cute!

Although we are still yet to see a full shot of Briar Rose, her floral bucket hat and tiny hand is enough to make anyone’s heart melt. 

> Baby daddy Hayden Christensen spends quality time with Briar Rose


Rachel’s previous posts are just as cute.

Just days after joining Instagram, she shared a snap of two pairs of Star Wars-themed Vans. One pair was adult-sized and the others had been made for teeny baby feet.

> How cute is Rachel Bilson’s snap?!


The shoes featured the face of Darth Vader – which is very significant for Rachel’s family.

Her partner Hayden Christensen played Anakin Skywalker in the 00s Star Wars reboot, who later became Darth.

We think it’s super-sweet that little Briar is already learning about her daddy’s career. Nawww.

Fans couldn’t help agreeing, with one commenting: ‘Oh, that’s so cute,’ and another writing: ‘Um how adorable!!’

We wonder if there’ll be some The OC-themed footwear swinging Rachel’s way soon? That’s DEFINITELY something we’d like to get our hands on…

> Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen became parents last year


In another of Rachel’s pictures, she poses with a teddy bear version of Sesame Street character Grover.

She looks cosy cuddled up in bed with the furry toy, captioning the shot: ‘Okay….okay, it’s grover’s song!’

> Rachel Bilson shows her maternal side


Um. We knew Rachel was going to be an amazing mum, but this is TOO. MUCH.

Other shots that Rachel’s treated her followers to show a pair of Nike trainers, a chic book on Chanel and a funny quote from The Office character Michael Scott.

> Rachel Bilson has also shared some non-baby themed Instagram photos


But who does Rachel follow on the site? She’s actually kept things *very* selective, having chosen only 25 accounts so far.

These include Kate Bosworth, The OC creator Josh Schwartz, Lena Dunham and (naturally) Chanel.

However, she’s already racked up an impressive 165,000 Insta-fans of her own.

We’re just keeping our fingers crossed for more adorable mum posts…