The Queen Hires Someone to Break in Her New Shoes for Her

HRH goes to extreme lengths to avoid painful blisters

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE new shoes. We just don’t love the few days of painful rubbing, hopping around on one foot and Boots’ entire stock of plasters wedged into our handbags.

If only there was a way you could break in new shoes without actually having to wear them… Well, the Queen has cracked it.

It’s rumoured that the Queen hires a member of staff whose sole job (sorry!) is to break in her shoes before she wears them.

According to a Royal insider, the Queen’s shoe-wearer (Footwoman?) dons a pair of beige cotton ankle socks and is instructed to only walk on the carpets during the significant ‘breaking-in’ period.

The staff member spends her (or his?) days walking round Buckingham Palace in the Queen’s new shoes to soften the leather and become less likely to give Her Majesty any painful blisters. I mean, it sounds like a pretty good job to us, however according to Google you would need be a UK size 4 to apply for the role.

One thing’s for sure, we won’t be spotting HRH popping into H&M to buy some emergency fats any time soon. Oh, to be Royal…

Here’s Our Top Tips to Wearing in New Shoes:

  • Wear in short bursts around the house first. With socks.
  • If the shoe has a pointed toe and rubs around your toes, stuff the shoe with balled up socks overnight to stretch the material.
  • Where the shoes are pinching, give them a blast of the hairdryer on a medium heat to help the material to expand.
  • Once you’re ready to leave the house prepare your feet first with a Blister Stick (available at Boots and Superdrug). Simply rub the Blister Stick – which is a little like solid vaseline – directly onto your skin where the shoes may rub. This will essentially lube your feet to stop blisters in their wake. Blister sticks come in a handy handbag size too so you can carry them on the go
  • If the inevitable happens and you get a blister (or three) make sure you have a ready supply of plasters in your handbag.