11 Times Pugs Summed Up Our Hangover

You know the feeling. You’ve had a long, hard day to which ‘one drink’ is the perfect antedote. It’s a school night, you tell yourself, so you won’t stay for long. But you feel your hair getting glossier with every sip, your conversation becoming more profound and your friends seeming much funnier than they ever have before. That 7am start tomorrow is as far from your mind as your second drink, which was approximately six drinks ago. 

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And then, inevitably, comes the dawn. And with it, the crushing realisation that you are, in fact, hungover. Whether you wake with a start only to be hit with a jolt of panic as you realise the time, or spend two hours sitting in the shower to try and overcome your feeling of nausea before work/lunch with your mum/anything that requires you to leave the house, we’ve found the ultimate creatures of empathy, who seem to know exactly what we’re going through. 

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So whether you’re currently enduring an existential crisis or feel abslutely amazing thanks to still being a tiny bit drunk (not that we’re condoning this in the workplace, obviously), these pugs know. They just know. And looking at them might make you feel a little bit better, too. You’re welcome. 

1. The Debilitating Depression


You wake up to the sound of your incessant alarm only to have your worst fears confirmed. Your head is pounding, you’ve still got last night’s make-up on, and you feel ashamed. But you’re too sad to move. Sob. 

2. The Brave Face


You’ve made it to work, and are determined not to let your boss know just how bad you’re feeling. So you smile through the pain. Well, actually, it’s more of a grimace…

3. Relentless Joy (Or: You’re Still Drunk) 


You. Feel. Great. Hangover? What hangover?! You’re a boundless source of energy and the envy of all your friends. Until your actual hangover kicks in two hours later…

4. Uncontrollable Narcolepsy


You’re trying really hard but you’re just. So. Tired. And it’s only lunchtime. You’d sell your soul for a nap. 

5. Food Problems


You thought you couldn’t eat; you thought you didn’t want any food. But now your friend is curing her hangover with carbs and you’re full of regret. 

6. Fancy Dress Induced Shame 


You spent actual money on a costume. Everyone knew who you were supposed to be! But then you drank everything and fell asleep, and now you’ve woken up. Fully dressed. And you’ve got to walk home…

7. The Hangover Shower


You’ve mustered up the energy to have a shower, telling yourself it will make you feel better. But after a few mere moments, you realise you can’t stand up. Minutes later, you’re clinging to the side of the bath as you shower sitting down. Despair. 

8. Loss Of Movement


You’re attempting to maintain your co-ordination/motor skills/dignity, but everything hurts. And moving only makes it worse. Where are your housemates when you need them?

9. The Needy Approach


The only thing that can make you feel better is human contact. PLEASE LOVE ME. 

10. The Fear


It speaks for itself. 

11. The Go-Getter


So you feel awful. Who cares? Last night was worth it! And tonight you’ll do it all over again…