Proof Paul Rudd Is The Man Crush For Every Mood

Oh, Paul Rudd. Let us count the ways we love thee. Because the funnyman actor really is our dream man. Why? We’re about to tell you.

First up, he just does not age. From his Clueless days playing the adorable Josh to his latest role in Ant-Man, his face is still EXACTLY the same. Here’s proof.

15 years ago:

Paul Rudd Wet Hot American Summer animated GIF



Paul Rudd Netflix animated GIF

He’s 46! What moisturiser does this guy use?

Baby face aside, we’ve come to realise that the New Jersey-born star really has played our perfect guy for any situation in his many, many film roles.

The romantic in Romeo & Juliet, the cute-yet-funny boyfriend as Phoebe’s man in Friends, and the all out SEX GOD in Anchorman… (hmm, kind of).

Here’s definitive evidence that Paul Rudd is the man crush for every mood…

1) When you want to be wined and dined


Love Paul Rudd animated GIF


2) When you’re fed up of the suave idiots

Rudd in Clueless = such a sweetheart. Even if dating your stepsister is a little creepy…

Movie 90s animated GIF


3) When you need cheering up

Phoebe’s Paul Rudd will be there for you (when the rain starts to pour…).

Friends Lisa Kudrow animated GIF

4) When you feel like you want rescuing

Whether it’s a heavy day at work or uncomfortable family situation, you could totally do it yourself, but this would be nice:

Paul Rudd Ant Man animated GIF


5) When you need a full-blown belly laugh

60% of the time, it works every time.

Paul Rudd Abedder animated GIF


6) When you want to be a rebel

Paul Rudd Netflix animated GIF


7) And nothing cheers us up like Paul Rudd dancing.

Look Favorite animated GIF


Dancing Jimmy Fallon animated GIF

Nothing. At. All

Dancing Awkward animated GIF
Dancing Smiling animated GIF