Proof Jennifer Lopez Is Getting Hotter With Age

Jennifer Lopez is *definitely* getting hotter with age.

Just look at her, people! While there’s no denying that she was gorgeous in her 20s, she’s seriously smokin’ in her 40s.

When J-Lo first came to fame, she was rocking au naturel dark locks, dodgy 90s make-up and frumpy clothes. Hard to believe, right?

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In her defence, she was mainly known as an actress back then, so her wardrobe choices may not have been so much of a choice.

But still. We can’t believe this mum-of-two is now 46 (yes, FORTY SIX), and looks even more ah-mazing than she did back then.

Don’t believe us? We’ve made you a handy timeline of J-Lo’s backwards ageing. Or should we call her Benjamin Button? Hmmm…

1994: Jenny From The Block is a natural beauty. But, erm, what’s with the cardigan?



1995: We’ll blame J-Lo’s (second piece of) questionable knitwear on her role in flick The Money Train. Same goes for that ageing lipstick.

1997: Jen’s figure has always been WOAH. But there’s a reason why that Rachel hairdo didn’t stand the test of time

1998: A polo neck + 90s lipliner + barely-there eyebrows = not her most flattering look

2000: Okay, so she certainly showed off her youthful side (or front) in this well-remembered Grammys ensemble…

2000: …but there’s that Rachel again *sighs*


2015: So. Fast forward 15 years and we get this. Yes, really. FIFTEEN YEARS. Whaaaat?!

2015: Seriously, J-Lo. How? HOW?

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2015: Those abs! That flawless complexion! Please tell us you’re taking some kind of youth serum because it just makes no sense to us.

2015: C’mon. Where did you get it? We want in.


2015: Imagine THIS mega babe rocking up to the school gates. Ludicrous, huh?

2015: It’s true. Jennifer actually does make a hotter cover star than she did 20 years ago.

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We’ve gotta hand it to you, J-Lo… we’re impressed.