Promotion: Weird And Wonderful Halloween Costumes

 If you think back to the Halloweens of your childhood and what the best dressed kids were wearing back in the day, we virtually guarantee that your memory bank will be full of ghosts, witches, vampires, and not a lot else!

However, Halloween these days is becoming ever more of a big deal here in the UK, and a lot of today’s Halloween fancy dress inspiration is coming from across the pond in America, where Halloween is one of the most popular holidays and anything goes. These days, your Halloween outfit options no longer have to be formulaic or boring, and it is the clever, well executed and more off-the-wall options that often, really catch the eye. 

If you’re looking for a little Halloween inspiration or are simply interested in what’s hot right now in fearless Halloween chic (and not so chic), check out some of these suggestions:

 Letters And Logos

One recent change to the Halloween dynamic that provides loads of scope for alternative costume ideas without busting the bank is really simple to achieve at home; pick a letter, any letter, or a number, or a symbol! The ubiquitous hashtag # as popularised by Twitter is now a common fancy dress sight in geek circles, and you don’t have to stop there.

Get a couple of your friends involved and you can kit all three of you out simply and cleverly with a basic “6” logo on each if your shirts… stand in a line together and voila! The mark of the beast. Wink Bingo is hosting a devilish Halloween promotion this October too, so check out their Scary 6666 promotion for a fully immersive experience.


A very eye-catching look, but one that might well drive you mad if you were to wear it for more than a couple of hours, is to tie a range of colourful, helium-filled balloons into your hair, so that they lift the individual sections of your hair up in a kind of Scylla/Disney’s Up-style fusion.

Go As Your Favourite Website…

Like Pinterest? Tie a pin board around your neck and tack images to it! Can’t find your way home from your own front garden? A giant Google Map’s pin with a cut-out for your head is very apt.


Way, Way Out There

If you’re committed to going big or going home, fancy dress hire shops and online retailers alike have really upped their game when it comes to weird, wonderful and hard-to-miss Halloween offerings. A full-body zombie hotdog outfit or a head-covering giant burger are just a couple of alternative looks for the brave and the good, as are full-body skin suits such as the Blue Man, or Sesame Street’s “Bert” outfit.


For those not afraid of pushing the boundary between subversive and downright creepy in all of the wrong ways, Halloween really is your friend. From the life-size inflatable blow up doll outfit to the “rub me for luck” magic genie (guess where the spout of the lamp goes..?) the possibilities are endless.

Have you seen a weird, wonderful or downright hilarious Halloween costume? Share your stories on Facebook in the Wink Bingo community now!

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