Primark’s Leopard Print Heels Give Zara Serious Competition

Primark have officially just become our new favourite shoe hotspot on the high street.

First they released sneaky Instagram shots of these mega ankle boots, and now they’ve totally upped the ante with these double-strap, leopard print and purple heels (bit of a mouthful, apologies).

These sassy heels are the definition of shoe porn, and will be released later this year as part of Primark’s AW13 collection (cue the weekly hunt around the shoe shelves at the back of your local store – we advise you to leave Saturdays and school holidays well alone).

The gorgeous shape of these totally reminds us of Zara, but these Primark beauts will have a much gentler price tag of £24 when they finally drop in stores.

Now, it’s not like you need another reason to put these firmly on your shopping wishlist, but we’re just saying, that double strap looks like it’ll give your ankles plenty of support, which sort of means, that even after a few glasses of pinot, you’ll be walking like a ruway model.

It’d almost be silly not to by them, correct, yes?

By Hannah Gale

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