Primark Thinks You’ve Been Pronouncing It Wrong This Whole Time

The debate has finally been settled...

It seems that Primark has been part of a massive debate this week, with everyone getting involved on Twitter to support and defend their team.

And no, it’s not who managed to get their hands on that Beauty and the Beast chip mug EVERYONE wanted – it’s waaaay more serious than that.

The two sides are the people that pronounce the high street fave as “Pr-eye-mark” and those who say “Pree-mark”.

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Some people on Twitter voiced how they couldn’t quite believe that there even is a “Pree-mark” team, and they apparently feel quite strongly about this.

Some have even said how it’s caused serious family arguments, and they can finally stop the rift now they know the real answer.

Others are still sticking to their guns that it’s “Pree-mark”

But others have even said there’s another name they call it all together #Primarni.

However, some have made us all aware that in Ireland it’s actually called someone all together, as the stores are actually called “Penneys”.

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Well, you’re all dying to know by now what the answer is, right? Primark have confirmed it’s 100% pronounced “Pr-eye-mark”

So, there you have it. We can now all finally sleep well at night knowing that Primark is pronounced, well, Primark.

Who would have thought it, hey?