One Of The Biggest Primark Stores Ever Is About To Open In The UK


UPDATE 28/9/17: After a bit of digging, Primark has just updated us that this will be one of- not the– biggest Primark store in the UK. Rest assured it’ll still be a whopper though…


27/9/17: Primark basically makes our lives. When it’s not giving us designer copies for a fraction of the price, it’s sending everyone crazy for their latest homeware hit. Now though, we’ve got what might be the best Primark news you’ll hear all year: the biggest Primark store ever (yep, bigger than Oxford Street), is set to open in the UK next year.

It’ll take over as the biggest flagship store in the UK, spanning a whopping 75,000 sq ft and playing host to every single item in the Primark range. In other words, you can guarantee that whatever you want is going to be there. No more trekking across the city to separate stores.

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The new Primark will be located in Milton Keynes’ centre:mk shopping complex in Buckinghamshire (30 mins on a train from London Euston, if you’re wondering), since it came out as the most desired store by MK locals.

Kevin Duffy, centre manager of centre:mk, said: “We are thrilled to announce that Primark will be joining our fantastic selection of fashion and beauty brands at centre:mk next year.

“Primark is a firm fashion favourite, and so we look forward to attracting more visitors by expanding the centre’s fashion retail mix.”

Picture are yet to be released, but considering London’s current Oxford Street flagship store has four floors, we’re expecting big things. Literally.