The £8 Primark Pumps That People Are Losing Their Minds Over

Well, if you could get Prada style shoes for 100th of the price - wouldn't you?

We’re hot on the sell-out items of the moment. From the River Island frilled blouse on everyone’s wish lists, to H&M’s sequin dress that is now long gone and the £26 Zara skirt that everyone owns.

And our favourite budget fashion store have done it again.

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Giving us possibly the best buy of the season, that we can ALL afford. Primark are selling flat pointy mules, complete with bow – just like the £500 velvet Prada pair. Only they’re under a tenner…

Prada bow pinted mules velvet

These could-be-Prada beauties are just £8 and come in an array of different colours. (What’s not to like?)

Primark, you give us hope when we’ve already splurged on our payday buys.

And if you can’t snap up a pair, because of a sell-out situation (we’re praying this is not the case), then we’ve also found this almost exact match from Topshop, too.

But you’ll have to be quick, as the £34 style (that also comes in black), is flying off the digital shelves – and selling out fast in store too.

Why we’ll always love the high street. Happy shopping!