Primark Just Launched Your New Beauty Saviour

Instagram: @primark

Brows at the ready, because Primark has just announced (via the wonderful medium of Instagram) that beauty oracle Monika Mohindra- sister to brow guru Shavata- has launched Love Beauty, a brand new brow and nail studio that will be based exclusively in Primark stores.


Get ready to rival Cara D, because Love Beauty looks set to be our new go-to in order to cultivate the best eyebrows possible, and we might even consider some fluttering lash extensions while we’re there- just because we can! Yep, the menu stretches to cater to your eyelashes, too, with classic threading and tinting on offer, as well as speedy, luxury manicures to treat those hard-worked hands.

You might think that Monika’s grooming expertise would come with a hefty price tag, but with a file and paint coming in at just £5- not to mention a cheeky eyelash cluster for a fiver- you can’t really argue with that. Love Beauty has already launched in Manchester and Liverpool, and will be arriving in Dublin on 29th September. After that, it will be rolling out all across the country, so we can all get in on the brow action. In the meantime, does anyone fancy a trip to the north west?

By Hannah Banks-Walker