Primark fans you’ll LOVE this new brand

You’re welcome…

When we spy a new brand that’s totally affordable but actually looks super spenny, we can’t help but share the news.

This is where the Polish brand ‘Reserved’ is set to be the new Primark or H&M on the high street. It’s caught our eye for all the right reasons.

And, we’re not the only one. The supermodel you may all have heard of has fronted the new autumn/winter campaign. Err, hey Kate Moss.

If Queen Moss is a fan, then we def all need to listen up.

The collection starts from just £4, but we know what you’re thinking, the shipping fees are going to seriously up the price, right?

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Well, this is where we tell you the brand is launching in the UK next month – yay!

On the 5th of September the shop we’ll all be going to for the latest autumn/winter drop will be hitting the high street on London’s Oxford Street.

Just call us your fashion psychics, but again, we know what you’re thinking…not everyone lives in London so how is everyone going to be able to get in on the action? Online, of course.

With the launch of the UK store brings the launch of the UK site that we can all shop on the 5th, but you can have a sneak peek now at

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So, what you waiting for? Set a reminder on your phone immediately.

And for now here’s a pick of our best bits so you can screenshot them for later.

We love this stripe shirt and floral sport-chic trews. Pair them together for a cool print clash.


Be prepared to want EVERYTHING. This leopard coat and gingham ruffle skirt are so dreamy.

Make sure you get an early night on Monday the 4th, you’ll have to do an early morning shop come Tuesday to get the best bits before they sell out.