So Primark’s Beauty and the Beast Chip Purse Has Gone Totally Viral

With Beauty and the Beast right around the corner, we're not surprised that Primark's Disney buy is hot property RN...


Excuse the use of Caps Lock, but we really felt the need to highlight just how much we’re crushing on the latest high street item to go viral.

Thanks to our Instagram feeds, anything can become sought-after with the click of a few buttons these days.

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Anyone else remember how hard it was, back in the olden days, to get hold of a Baby Newborn/Buzz Lightyear/insert any other childhood dream here?

Anyway. We might be grown-ass adults now, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped swooning after Disney OR that we can’t harbour that desire to get our hands on the item of the moment.

And, with Beauty and the Beast getting set to hit cinemas OH SO SOON (excited much?) it’s hardly surprising that Primark’s latest Disney offering has captured the imaginations of, well, everyone.

Enter, the Chip purse.

We mean, he’s all different kinds of adorable.

And, apparently, he’s flying off of the shelves so fast that people are even willing to spend FIVE TIMES the price on eBay to get their hands on him.


People of the internet are even reporting that customers are ‘going mad for him’ and ‘mass buying’ out of sheer panic.

Another happy buyer also wrote on Instagram: ‘So happy to have found Chip πŸ˜πŸ’– He is a very popular chap! The cutest purse to ever exist πŸ’•’.

Yup. You’ll totally find us on Oxford Street after work…