Primark Has Actual Love Island T-Shirts

Seriously, wait until you see them...

Got any weekend plans? Cancel them. The Primark x Love Island collab launches in stores on Saturday- and we predict an instant sell-out.

On paper, this doesn’t sound like a good idea, but in reality, we 100% need them in our lives.

This may be taking the obsession that one step further with slogan Tees. But is it too far? We think not.

Love Island Primark T-shirt

If like us, you tend not to book any social events that may run past 9pm, in fear that you may miss an episode- or god forbid even miss it on +1. Then, you are indeed, well and truly hooked.

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What do we do about this? Obvs, we do a trolley dash and pile all 6 T-shirts in our baskets, invite friends round for a group pic, and take to Insta- immediately.

Or, keep them to yourself. With 7 days of the week, and 6 styles, it’s  basically meant to be.

Just wear them every day, with the exception of no Love Island Saturday *sob, where you’re faced with the decision of going out and actually having a life, or just spending the evening sending memes to your pals and shouting ‘I’ve got a text’ each time they reply.

The choice is of course yours- but we know what we’ll be doing.

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Love Island Primark T-shirt

Quick question: When it’s Blazin Squad T-shirt day does this mean we’re practically the 47th member?

Anyway, either way there’s a need for each and every one of them. And at £6 each the whole collection can be yours for just £36!

That’s basically just the price of that Zara top you definitely don’t need another one of.

Love Island Primark T-shirt

There’s some serious grafting needed to get your hands on one of these life-essentials though- they’re going to fly off the rails.

There’s also socks and bags in the Primark collection, FYI.

But, what next? Love Island cut out slogan swimsuits, or, all-over logo skinny white jeans for the bfs? We totally hope so.

By Harriet Davey