Would YOU Get Married During A Pop-Up Wedding?

As anyone who’s ever tied the knot will tell you, getting married is hard work. No matter how ‘chill’ the bride and groom claim to be, and regardless of how low-key the big day is, when you’re relying on other people to make the entire occasion come together, stress is sure to follow.

However, it’s not just the inevitable tension that can test even the most levelheaded of couples. As the cost of weddings continues to exponentially rise, money (or a lack there of) is one of the major reasons many lovebirds would consider paring back their wedding to the nth degree, with more couples claiming now reluctant to ask their parents for financial help to cover the colossal quotes and fees that come hand-in-hand with traditional weddings.


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So, what’s a couple to do when they have little funds and a severe lack of time? Have a pop-up wedding, of course!

That’s right, just like trendy restaurants and boutiques, pop-up WEDDINGS are now officially a thing thanks to PopBliss, the first ever luxury pop-up wedding company, with its first ceremony taking place in New York City in March 2016.

What’s the deal? For $5,000 per couple, 10 couples will make history by tying the knot in a collective ceremony, which allows them to invite 10 guests of their own to boot.


After the final couples have been chosen, they’ll then be given instructions to meet at a secret location on what will be the day before their wedding. Hotel accommodations, a welcome party the night before for the couples and guests, separate brunches for grooms and brides, a glam suite to get ready with a makeup and hair team and bridal stylists, and the actual wedding with reception are all included in the big event price tag. All you need to provide is your chosen outfit.

With more Instagram ops than you could shake a selfie stick at, the ethos behind PopBliss is to give people who want a luxury, no-expense spared wedding without a huge bill at the end of it, and the easiest way to do that is group several wedding parties together. How 2016 of them. Considering the 10 couples will be forking out $50,000 between them, we certainly hope the big day lives up to its claims of grandeur…