You Can Now Buy A Pink Heart Shaped Polly Pocket Bag…


Words by Lexxi Davis

We’re BIG on 90s nostalgia here. From cabbage patch kids, jelly shoes and tamagotchi; we’re into to ALL of it.

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Remember Polly Pocket? Maybe the GREATEST gift you ever received??

She was the cutest and was SO much better than Barbie or Sylvanian Families. Polly was the pressie we ALL wanted.

So of course, we’re all getting super obsessed over this amazing Polly Pocket bag from TruffleShuffle, to make our inner 90s child squeal!


polly pocket bag

Pink Heart Shaped Polly Pocket Bag, £37.99, Truffle Shuffle

Sooooo dreamy. The satiny finish, the luxe gold lettering and that chain…

And look at the inside. Everything we were hoping for.

polly pocket bag truffle shuffle

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Now we hate to break it to you, but it’s actually not available to buy yet… (sorry).

BUT. It you can sign up for notifications for when it’s coming in stock.

In the meantime, we’ll be trying to buy up an old Dream Phone on Ebay… Bye.