Pixie Lott On Her Strictly Come Dancing Debut

Pixie Lott is gearing up for this Saturday, where she will make her Strictly Come Dancing debut on ITV.

But before she slips into her sequins and gets her cha-cha-cha on, we caught up with the blonde beauty to see how those nerves were holding up…

Hi Pixie! How’s training going?

It’s harder than everyone thought. It’s actual, proper steps, everyone’s picked it up pretty quickly though, I’m impressed!

Are you at an unfair advantage, though, because you’ve done so much dancing?

We did ballroom and Latin at school but I haven’t danced like that for a long time. I did drama, dance and music at school but music was my passion and that’s what took over and that’s what I love. So, yeah, I’ve obviously danced before and other’s may not have. But when people say I’m more experienced that just adds to the pressure. I don’t want to let anyone down! I just want to enjoy it and have fun as a life experience.

What dance are you most looking forward to?

I’m more nervous about ballroom. I think they will be harder [than the Latin ones] because you have to hold your posture the whole way through as well as learn all the steps.

How have you been preparing diet-wise?

I haven’t! If anything, I expect to eat more because I don’t usually work out and now I’ll be dancing hours every day, which really is a workout. After the first day of training, I was so tired, I came home and had a big curry. And when we came to have our costumes fitted I was hungover and tired so, again, came home and had a curry. That’s my comfort food, alright!

Is Olly [Cheshire, Pixie’s model boyfriend] supportive?

Yeah, I think so! He hasn’t said anything to be honest.

Thanks lady! 

Catch Pixie on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing this Saturday.

By Robyn Munson